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My names is Alexandria Attfield, I am a London based Oil Painter with over ten years experience.


I have a particular fascination with nature, depth and the application of vivid colour to form abstract but life-like organic environments. To me nature spans beyond the planetary confines of Earth and so my work can sometimes take on elements of other planets.

In my Art I create a sense of familiarity with which the viewer can find their own meaning, thus making them an ongoing part of the creative process long after the painting is finished. The power of suggestion is something I rely heavily on within my themes, I use my work to invoke a deeper subconscious attraction to nature through environments of organic-like structures that captivate the mind" Less

I studied Art to A-Level earlier on in life, but decided instead of learning the techniques of others I wanted to develop my own, and therefore did not graduate in Art but instead in Psychology. I have found studying the human condition in an academic environment has given my work far greater depth than further Art education ever could.

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