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Alexandria has spent many years honing her craft and takes the upmost care in ensuring the longevity of her Paintings.


The Canvas must not only be stretched to compensate for temperature adjustments but also primed several times and sanded before the application of any oil paint. This allows the colour to remain vibrant and not dull over the years. 

The pigment in the paint also plays an important role as certain oil colours take far longer to dry than others. What this means is that if you put a lighter colour on top of a darker colour before it has dried, you run the risk of the Artwork cracking in the distant future. This can be avoided by applying the correct techniques.

Finally, when a piece is finished, some artists do not varnish it, or they varnish it too soon when the canvas is 'touch dry' but not fully dry beneath the surface. This can cause a multitude of problems in the years to come for the owner of the piece.


With Alexandria's work, each of these considerations is taken into place so that the Artworks can survive fully intact.

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