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Giclée fine art printing creates an incredibly delicate stream of archival quality ink in a fine dot pattern, resulting in vivid pure colour, exceptional detail and the most stable colour printing process available today. In combination with archival quality, acid-free papers and top of the line gloss papers, the giclée prints are gallery quality, suitable for exhibition display and sale as high-end fine art prints. The print company we use, use ICC colour management to calibrate their state of the art print equipment in order to print faithful, consistent reproductions of the original paintings.

All prints are personally hand signed and sent out with the upmost care.


Veins in Autumn:


Part of the 'Abstraction of Nature series' a collection that looks at the relation between nature and our own biological makeup.


This piece focuses on the viewers subconscious, connecting with the more visceral, universal language of life.
From heavy, snowlike clouds to root like structures that transcend the ground, climb across the Autumnal oranges and yellows, into the sky, this piece utilises nature in a way that connects with our own biology.




Veins in Autumn Print

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