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Part of the 'Abstraction of Nature series' a collection that looks at the relation between nature and our own biological makeup.


A piece that invokes feelings of the organic. Aquatic elements that create a sense of the origins of existence. The piece has a dynamic contrast between moody clouds with warmer tones, against hard impasto structures of vivid white and earth tones. There is a sense of electricity within the air in this piece. Heavily detailed, one can view the piece for long periods- discovering more and more. 
With this piece- what you see is yours alone, and therefore the subject matter changes with perspective.


Size: W-24 Inches H-24 Inches D-2 Inches.


High grade/High pigment Oil on Cotton Primed/Stretched Canvas. 
All pieces are signed on the back so as not to ruin the image. All pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity. A special message can be requested if the piece is being brought as a gift.




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