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Part of the 'Abstraction of Nature series' a collection that looks at the relation between nature and our own biological makeup.


This piece focuses on the viewers subconscious, connecting with the more visceral, universal language of life.
From heavy, snowlike clouds to root like structures that transcend the ground, climb across the Autumnal oranges and yellows, into the sky, this piece utilises nature in a way that connects with our own biology.


Size: W-23.5 Inches H-31.5 Inches D-1 Inch.


High grade/High pigment Oil on Cotton Primed/Stretched Canvas. 
All pieces are signed on the back so as not to ruin the image. All pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity. A special message can be requested if the piece is being brought as a gift. All pieces include packaging and postage.

Veins in Autumn

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