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Part of the Smoulder series, a collection of work that focuses on cloudlike hazes and skylike structures.


This piece utilises warm earthy colours that create smoky cloud-like formations contrasted against more vivid pigments. 
Once again the work focuses on the power of the viewers subconscious and is open to interpretation, thus making the perceiver an ongoing part of the creative process long after the painting is finished. What you see is yours alone- making this piece different and personal to each and everyone.


Size: W-40 Inches H-32 Inches D-0.5 Inches.


High grade/High pigment Oil on Cotton Primed/Stretched Canvas. 
All pieces are signed on the back so as not to ruin the image. All pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity. A special message can be requested if the piece is being brought as a gift.


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